Производитель: Ram mount
Код товара: 81-01
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Артикул: RAM-B-407-PUMPU

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UPC Nummer 793442950124
Вес 1
Материал Nein
Страна производитель Made in USA
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The Tough-Wedge™ is a mount that fits in the gap between the vehicle seat and center console or potentially a center seat. This allows for easy access and operation of a mobile device. The Tough-Wedge™ can also be used for back-seat applications by inserted into the pockets located on the back of the front seats. For capturing video on the go, place the Tough-Wedge™ in your backpack with a RAM camera mount. The included diamond adapter contains the industry standard AMPS hole pattern that allows attachment to a variety of RAM mounts. Hardware included to attach the Tough-Wedge™ to the mount.The 1" diamond ball base is compatible with all RAM-B size single and double socket arms.Included in this kit is an innovative Expansion Pouch accessory for the RAM Tough-Wedge™. This optional accessory is designed to add stability to your wedge mount for vehicle with a larger gap between seats. The Expansion Pouch fits inside the Tough-Wedge™ sleeve and is then inflated with the hand pump to the desired level, ensuring your device stays firmly in place.


Length: 13.25"
Height: 8.25"
Depth: 1"
Inside Wedge Depth: 0.375" - 0.875"

Характеристики RAM Mounts

UPC Nummer 793442950124
Вес 1
Материал Nein
Страна производитель Made in USA
Упаковка Polybeutel